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Minutes of Panel Meeting 9 July 2014

Present: Christine Bann (Chair) ( Eastmoor Community Project), Maureen Rishworth (Eastmoor Community Project/ resident), Charlie Watson (WMDC), Sally Martin (Portobello Community Forum), Emma Wray (Eastmoor Community Project), Nasim Aslam (Lightwaves), ilonka van Rijn (notes) (Next Generation/ College Grove resident)
Apologies: Brian Woods (College Grove resident),

Welcome and Apologies
Nasim Aslam is welcomed as a new panel member. Nasim is a Lightwaves trustee and has volunteered for Young Lives.

Minutes of last meeting
Are accepted as a true record.

Community First News
CB: CDF has decided that the applications that were approved before 31 March but not submitted will be taken account for this financial year. Christine will write to CDF to complain about this, as the communications have been confusing and too much is asked from us as a panel of volunteers.

For this financial year there is £28,272 to spend. £12,008 is already allocated, which leaves £16,264

Requests for Funding

Given the number of applications and available funds the Panel has decided that groups who have already received funding in the 3rd and 4rd years will not be considered. This concerns the Eastmoor Community Garden, Incredible Edible and Eastmoor Dragons. CB/EW to pass on

Portobello Community Forum’s Job Club
(discussed without SM) This activity has been discussed at an earlier Panel. The Panel liked it, but mentioned it had to be delivered by a local group. This application from Portobello Community Forum will be recommended for full funding of £2500. SM to pass on

Rosalie Ryrie Foundation
Concerns are raised about the high rent (for a Council house) and the fact that this facility needs this kind of funding. CW mentions that they are looking at other pots. The Panel has decided to support this with £1875 funding for 3 months rent (£2500 applied for) to tie them over. CW to pass on

ADHD support
The Panel finds this application not specific enough for our area and the expenses to high. Not recommended. CW to pass on.

Complex Minds
IvR: their first activity has not taken place, yet. Complex Minds needs to contact CDF to discuss if their funding can still be used. CW to pass on.

Get Eastmoor Moving GEM
(Discussed without MR) Is generally considered to be a valuable activity for which this fund is meant. Full funding of £2024 recommended. MR to pass on

Eastmoor Residents Arts
Similar for this application. Full funding of £1040 recommended. EW to pass on.

Darby & Joan Thursday OAP Club
Good activity but the Panel has taken out the applied funding for a coach and Christmas Dinner, for which members contributions could be used. An application to WDH for coach costs could also be considered. Part funding of £450 recommended (£1390 applied for). EW/CB to pass on

Eastmoor Story Share
Applied for £2500 but costs amount to only £1154. Coach hire and part of toys (too high) taken out. Part funding of £610 recommended. EW/CB to pass on

OAP Tuesday Club
Good activity but coach and 1 raffle book taken out. Part funding of £976 recommended (£1501 applied for). EW/CB to pass on.

Total recommendations £9475, remaining for this financial year £6789

Any Other Business
EW mentions that £1500 is available for one group that is exemplary for the Community First funding. GEM is recommended for this by the Panel. MR/EW to apply

Next meeting

Wednesday 10 September, 11am at St. Swithun’s. (This has changed to Wednesday 8 October 11 am at St.Swithun’s -ivr)



NEXT PANEL MEETING: Wednesday 8th October 2014 at 11am.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 1st October at 5pm. Only projects who have not previously submitted an application in this financial year need apply.

Applications need to be sent to



NEXT PANEL MEETING: Wednesday 9th July 2014.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 2nd July.

Applications need to be sent to


Meeting Update 8th April 2014

Present: Ilonka Van Rijn (Next Generation & College Grove resident), Cllr Ros Lund (Elected Member – ward 16), Charlie Watson (CDW), Maureen Rishworth (Eastmoor Resident), Christine Bann (ECP, Panel Partner & Chair), Emma Wray (ECP), Sally Martin (Portobello Community Forum)

Apologies: None

Minutes of Meeting

Agenda Items Notes Action
Welcome & Introductions Emma Wray is welcomed onto the panel, representing Eastmoor Community Project. Everyone present introduced themselves.  
Applications & Decisions 4x applications were approved at the previous meeting.
1. Eastmoor community project Fridges £708.00
2. Eastmoor Dragons £2500
3. Portobella Craft £1450.00
4. City of Sanctuary £1250 approved for room hire
The panel was not made aware of the deadline for uploading applications, as CFP hold incorrect contact details for us and we therefore didn’t receive this information. Christine Bann has been in touch with CFP to let them know we were unaware of the closing date and to ask for the three applications approved to be considered.
Ilonka informed the panel that we will find out next week (w/c14th April) what our allocation of funding will be for this final year. The money has to be allocated by December 2014.
A discussion took place in regards to the updating of the website. Access is required to be able to update information. Ilonka agreed to seek some support for the updating of the website, which will include providing the dates of the next meetings which have now been agreed.
Applications must be submitted to the following email address:
If an application has been sent in by post it needs to be scanned and sent to this email address.
New Aplications 1. Work 4 U – Not Approved
Sally Martin provided some background information to the application. But it was agreed by the panel that the application needs to come from a community group not a company. It was suggested that the application should come from Portobello Community forum and be re-submitted for consideration at the next meeting.
Next Meetings • Wednesday 7th May
• Wednesday 9th July
• Wednesday 10th September
• Wednesday 12th November
Venue: St Swithuns Community Centre



Date and Time Application   Deadline
Wednesday 7th May 2014 at 11am. 30th April at 5pm.
Wednesday 9th July 2014 at 11am. 2nd July at 5pm.
Wednesday 10th September 2014 at 11am. 3rd September at 5pm.
Wednesday 12th November 2014 at 11am. 5th November at 5pm.

Applications need to be sent to


Meeting Update 27 February 2014

Present: Christine Bann (Chair), Sally Martin, Charles Watson, Ros Lund, Adele Powell

Apologies: Maureen Rishworth, ilonka van Rijn, Tilly Watson, Brian Woods

Minutes of Meeting

Agenda Items Notes Action
Welcome & Apologies    
Discussed Applications Approved from Last Meeting New Aplications:
Aspire2B – Not approved
– Focuses on negatives not positive
– Too many questions not answered in application
– Need to know more about them
– Also inc Lupset

Creating Chapters – Not approved
– Not enough info
– Needs more groundwork
– Needs a constitution
– We don’t know if they have a proven track record

Eastmoor Community Project (Fridges) – Approved (£708.00)

Eastmoor Dragons – Approved (£2500.00)

Portobello Craft – Approved (£1450.00)

City of Sanctuary – Approved (but only £1250.00 for room hire, 25 sessions @ £50 each)
– only one session, not two
– amount being recommended is what is left in the fund

Christine to email members not present for their approval.
Next Meeting 27/03/14 10:00am at Rainbow Cafe.  

Meeting Update 22 January 2014

Present: Christine Bann (Chair), Maureen Rishworth, Charlie Watson, Sally Martin, Adele Powell,  ilonka van Rijn(notes)

Apologies: Cllr. Ros Lund, Tilly Watson,  Brian Woods

Minutes of Meeting

Agenda Items Notes Action
Welcome & Apologies Adele Powell is welcomed as a new Panel member for Eastmoor. Charles Elliott (Portobello) and Safia Ilyas (Eastmoor) have resigned. Both were thanked for their input.  
Minutes Are accepted as a true record.
Sally mentions that Kerry Gubby has sent an e-mail re. her resignation. The minibus has been sold and the money used to pay the costs relating to the bus. As applying and managing funds is new to quite a few groups it is suggested that we make successful applicants aware of the need to keep (financial) records
News from CDF Ilonka: Following the update of our website, with thanks to Derek Richards, the funds for Round3 have been released. The applications we have approved, but were awaiting the release of funds are:
Incredible Edible £2500; Complex Minds £1460; Fit & Friendly £2024
Portobello Young Persons £2186 so a total of £8170 has been committed. For Round3, until 31 March 2014, there is a bit more than £13000 to spend. The last year of spending will then start in April 14
Adele and ilonka to get together to submit the recommended applications to CDF
Requests for Funding Eastmoor Community Garden Association: positive feedback.
The group is asked to ensure that a good hand-over to teachers will be made at the end of the project. £1990 approved.

Next Generation: positive feedback.
(discussed without ilonka). Will be asked to make a link with Emily Castle re. Girls learning Opportunities (GLO) for this project. £2220 approved.

Lightwaves Community Trust: positive feedback.
(discussed without ilonka). Other groups interested in a similar project. £1335 approved.

RASA: positive feedback.
Would be good to apply to other areas if the project is successful, and to make a link with ESOL courses on Eastmoor. It is recommended that schools will be used to advertise the course. £ 2400 approved.

Following the approvals around £5,000 is left in Round3 –CDF will notify us of spending totals.

Website Derek is advised to put in an application for his young people
project. It is mentioned that ‘not-young-people’ might be interested as well.
Charlie to inform Derek. Also, a hand-over for the management of our website needs to be arranged.
Panel Support    
AOB Sally hands out a hard copy of a new application.  
Next Meeting Thursday 27 February , 11am at St. Swithun’s.  


NEXT PANEL MEETING: Thursday 27 February 2014.

The deadline for applications is 22 February 2014

Applications need to be sent to



NEXT PANEL MEETING: Wednesday 22 January 2014.

The deadline for applications is 15 January 2014.

Applications need to be sent to


Meeting Update 18 Sep 2013

Present: Cllr. Ros Lund, Christine Bann, Charles Elliott,Tilly Watson, Charlie Watson, Brian Woods, Sally Martin, ilonka van Rijn (notes)
Apologies: Maureen Rishworth

Minutes Of Meeting

Agenda Item Notes Action
Welcome & Apologies Two new faces at the meeting: Charlie Watson, WMDC’s Community Health Development Worker and Sally Martin from Portobello Community Forum.  
Community First Year Three Funding update. The website needs to be updated and information added to it before new funds will be released. Chris and ilonka have got together to look at the content, but someone with website management skills is needed. Charlie Watson will ask his colleague Tracey Leach to meet with Chris and ilonka after 28 Sep
Ilonka will respond to CDF e-mail.
Requests for Funding Incredible Edible: positive feedback. Need to be informed that maximum grant is £2500. Also, to indicate where matched funding is coming from and what the volunteer time will be. Approved in principle -amended proposal to be sent to panel members. Chris will inform Andy Austerfield. Panel members to respond to amended proposal
  Portobello Young Persons Support & Development Group: This replaces the LaTwirltastique bid that has been withdrawn. After a very successful run The majorettes have stopped altogether as there is no one to take over from Kerry. A request for an official withdrawal is made.

Positive feedback on this bid. It is suggested that the money could be used to make the sessions more affordable; that the refreshment costs are high; that a clean break with Yew Tree will be made, for example, by using a new name. Approved

Sally will ask Kerry for an official withdrawal
  A question is asked about what happened to LaTwirltastique’s minibus. Sally will ask Kerry to give the panel information re. the minibus
Panel membership Sally to replace Kerry Gubby for Portobello.  
Expenses No other expensesthan room hire  
Next Meeting Wednesday 4 December 11.00 at Portobello Community Centre